Event Services

You may have already heard of, or experienced first-hand, one of our five-star charity

golf tournaments. What you may not know is that Beyond Golf, Inc.'s services extend well beyond golf. In fact, our company has been planning and managing a wide array of events for more than 15 years. In addition to golf tournaments, we also run other sporting and charity fundraising events, an array of corporate events (from product launches to event promotions), and unique special events, including wine tastings, galas and balls, celebrity events, dinners, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Event Design

The event design process begins with identifying your individual needs and the event(s) that most interest you and best suit your goals. We then prepare a customized event strategy to position your event as as a one-of-a-kind experience. We will also work with you to develop a timeline and budget to ensure your event is on-target from the start and that everything flows seamlessly on event day. You can enjoy hosting a memorable, successful event while we manage all of the details. It really doesn't get any easier.

Corporate Events

Beyond Golf has the experience and know-how to organize and manage a wide array of corporate events. We are dedicated to helping our clients build their brand identities, company reputations and good will. This can be achieved through both external, customer-driven marketing and PR related events, and through internal, employee-driven events.

Whether the event be marketing or human resources related, we can work with key personal in each department to ensure your company's event is not only strategically planned, but also an exciting, memorable event that will leave a positive and lasting impression on all those involved.

If you are a small company looking to build your brand or good will with your customer base, we can work with you to ensure your event is well planned strategically and designed to bring you maximum exposure.

Types of Corporate Events:

• Product Launches• Corporate Golf Tournaments

• Company Banquets & Galas• Conventions & Trade Shows

• Other Corporate Tournaments• Company Picnics

• Event Demonstrations• Charity Event Sponsorships

• Social/Holiday Parties

Special Events

Special events fall into a unique category potentially involving trade shows, celebrity, athletic and entertainment industry events, wine-tasting, auctions, baci ball,  sporting clay bowling, golf tournaments, social events including galas, balls or dinners and more. These events may be corporate or non-profit in nature, fund raising, hospitality venues, or purely social events. They are often highly visible and require proper planning, coordination and timing to execute. In addition, special events generally require detailed on-site management and event hostessing services in order to run effectively.

As with our other events, Beyond Golf can work with you to determine your specific needs and to develop a strategy to effectively position your event. Regardless of the nature of the event, we can put an event management plan into place to keep an event on target from start to finish. We coordinate with outside services and vendors so that everything flows smoothly and your event runs seamlessly. Our goal is to streamline the event planning and management process so that you can enjoy being the host of your event, without having to worry about all of the details.  It's that simple.

Weather you are looking to enhance your organization through a fund raising golf tournament, or simply looking for a company dedicated to Superior Golf Tournament (Golf Angels) Hostessing, Beyond Golf has the personnel resources available to meet your specific needs and turn your project into reality.